The Effect of Design on Decision Making

Posted on May 25, 2020
The Effect of Design on Decision Making

Decision making can prove to be difficult. It can be quite exhausting to decide between varieties of options while making a crucial decision because of the amount of information to consider.

Right Cost Design is easy to Evaluate

Something complex to consider is that some aspects are easier to evaluate and understand than the others. For instance, the cost is something familiar and quantifiable hence it is easier to evaluate. However, the question is just because the cost of a plan gets increased “weight” in the decision-making process it’s easier to examine the cost of a plan than other plan attributes?

Perfect Attribute Distributions Eases Decision-making

According to research, weight provided to an attribute is equivalent to that of the ease or precision through which it can be understood or evaluated as something good or bad. As attributes are not easy to evaluate equally UX designers and their business partners face difficulties now and then as to how to effectively design to entice people towards considering all attributes and weigh them accordingly during the decision-making process.

Balanced Design Information Lead to right Decision-Making

People are vastly influenced by how and what information is presented while making decisions. The weight of an attribute while decision making is equivalent to the precision or convenience with which it can be examined and evaluated and interpreted as good or bad. This means that people will more often use and consider the information which is already presented to them and is easy to examine or evaluate. Hence the information design is highly dependent on how people’s decisions.

Excess Information Paralyses Decision-making

This is highly true in the healthcare and finance divisions where consumers are to make crucial decisions that can either have radiating or dire implications for themselves as well as those who they’re responsible for. One of the many reasons why people find decision making difficult is the factor of “information overload”.

According to a UX design perspective, decision making could be made easier by simplifying information. One convenient way to do this is to summarize or aggregate data. However, this is worth considering any undetermined complications that may be a consequence of this.


The design should nudge the consumers to consider more products or services attributes and also provide the right weight to these attributes. People’s choice and decisions changes with the right design – so it is powerful!

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