Lack of Responsive Ability Results in a Loss of Clients

Posted on September 6, 2020
Lack of Responsive Ability Results in a Loss of Clients

The most common underlying problem in the business world is the lack of responsiveness when you are approached by anyone professionally. This is the sole reason why businesses experience growth issues in the market.

Although, it is not viable to respond to every direct email item or unsolicited phone call you receive if you are well acquainted with the person you should respond. Responsiveness must be a high priority, especially amongst your employees.

Responsiveness Defines your Personal Brand

There are jobs where the sole purpose of employees is to respond to all the emails they receive by the end of the day. Usually, this task is done by the assistant of higher status employees. Hence, being responsive will completely affect the status and popularity of your brand as it causes positive customer satisfaction.

Make it Easy to Respond

Ensure that you can respond to people easily and conveniently through the channels that you have set up. It is very unprofessional and frustrating to ask someone to call you back and drop them into a voicemail box.

View Responsiveness as an Indicator

During the sales process, your team should pay close attention to responsiveness. The way and duration of how others respond to a situation indicate the health of a long-term relationship that will be carried on with the customer.

Costs You Money

Your lack of responsiveness, as the leader of an organization, can cost you real money. It is very important and crucial for you to move initiatives and projects along. Every time your response is delayed, you leave important resources without any path on how to progress with it. A good leader removes obstacles and does not create any.

Costs Others Money

You are costing that vendor some money who provided you with an investment for your new marketing technology. They may be planning resources around your next potential project, continuing to follow-up with you, and talk about the information of your company each week in their sales funnel. If you are not able to move forward, do the right thing, and relieve them from this stress.


These are the most witnessed results that often most of the businesses experience if they do have the right communication or responsive resources to connect with their audiences, shareholders, and customers. Be highly responsive to stay ahead of the competition.

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