4 Promising Trends and Tips for UI Designers

Posted on May 25, 2020
4 Promising Trends and Tips for UI Designers

The design trends are influenced by technology’s rapid growth. In order to be up to date with the current market, designers need to be conscious of the upcoming and existing trends, and continuously learn, improve, and expand their design toolkit.

Below are some of the most useful UI/UX design trends that you should watch out for 2020:

1. Astonishing Animation

It is a myth that difficult animation is hardware-specific hence there is no point in producing it for mass use by the sluggish processors.

It turns out that there are products written for slow hardware that are capable of outclassing industry standards that do not rely on the hardware manufacturers. GreenSock comes under such a category. For interactive animation, they develop plugins and dev tools. They somehow, efficiently and conveniently, optimize and implement interactive projects to work on any device.

2. Micro-interactions

You may see micro-interactions on almost every app or website. One of the prominent examples of micro-interactions is the “Like” feature of Facebook and there are many other such micro-interactions when you open Facebook or any other app in general. They are sometimes so naturally blended with the user interfaces that we might not even notice them at all. However, you will recognize a sharp difference, if you remove them from your product.

3. 3D Graphics

In movies, adverts on streets, and video games, 3D graphics exist almost everywhere. 3D graphics were introduced in the last few decades and since then, have improved dramatically. Fast and rapid development is also taking place when it comes to mobile and web technology. Designers can now implement their exceptional 3D graphic skills into the modern web and mobile interfaces as new and unique web browsers have opened the door for these elements.

4. Asymmetry & Split Screen

The block layout is considered to be a classic. This is because there appears to be an organized flow when the concepts have defined boundaries. This just helps them understand the structure better and fulfills their sense of completion. Block is symmetry. There is, however, an asymmetrical trend that never makes it to the market.


These are the most promising trends that UI designers should pay attention to for creating the most interactive and robust user interface for offering amazing and improved customer experience.

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