How to create a user-focused and personalized design

Posted on May 25, 2020
How to create a  user-focused and  personalized design

Why Personalize?

The purpose of personalization is to provide content and functionality that correlates with the user’s specific needs or interests that requires no effort from the targeted users. The system adjusts the interface based on the profile of the user. Personalization may grant or restrict access to certain tools, emphasize certain information, or simplify processes and transactions about a user.

Why Customize?

Customization allows users to decide on their own and select what they like to see or even set conditions as to how information is displayed or organized. As it allows the user to control their interaction, it enhances the user experience.

How to create User-focused and Personalized Design

Both personalization and customization can enhance a user’s experience on a site. In the technology front, UCD (user-centered design) can be adapted and deployed with a lean and agile team.

User Research: Understand your user’s problems is necessary for which user research is a necessary building block to create user-centric products.

Requirements Gathering and Aligning: After having a clear idea of who you’re designing for and what their issues and preferences are, you start to slowly define how you could solve this problem. This includes factors you can influence with your services/product and how, both in design and technical terms.

Create Solution: Now includes the fun part: ideation. In stage will run through the entire design industry, as your design team will carry it out in their way to offer the best solution.

Test Solution: It’s time to carry out several rigorous testing to know if it actually solves the problem!

Iterate to Improve: You should approach the project as a long cycle of ideation, execution, and testing. Just to create the best user-focused and personalized design.


User-centered design is widely thrown around a lot, it refers to a specific way of designing products that leave a powerful impact. You should focus on the right problems and make the right decisions. Finally, it’s users who tell you what works and what doesn’t, and learning to their voice through data is the best way to make the best of your design with true insight in any project.

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